More Canon EOS M Leaks

Well, it’s a bit less interesting now that we can see more of it. It looks like the sensor will be perhaps Micro Four-Thirds-ish in size, which should make those who wrote the Nikon 1 off due to its sensor size happy. It’s out of the question for me, though, since there’s no viewfinder and, now that we can see the back, no port to add an accessory one.

The EF-M lenses could be interesting, depending on what they do with them. I like the small 22mm f/2 that’s in those shots; it reminds me of the 20mm f/1.7 pancake I like so well on my Panasonic GF1. If they get the quality right, that could be a nice setup.

Since it’s an “EF”-type mount, I’d imagine that a spacer should be enough to mount an EF or EF-S lens on there, with the appropriate angle-of-view changes, of course. I wonder if they’ll have all the AF modes available, something Nikon missed by leaving AF-C mode off of the Nikon 1 line when using the FT-1 adapter for F-mount lenses.

Lastly, I see no indication either way about IS. It’d be a coup if they actually included IS in the body, but I have a feeling they’ll stick with in-lens IS, which would be too bad. That’s a really nice, compelling feature for Olympus in the M43 world.

Sounds like we’ll find out more from Canon officially next week.