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The Sony A7II

The Sony A7II is out, and as I’ve said before, Sony’s really doing a great job of bringing the technology I want to see in cameras to their models. In-body image stabilization is in the A7II as it was in the A99 I was writing about then. This has long been something that Nikon has ignored, to its peril, I say.

My “next camera” from the point of view of that earlier post wasn’t a Sony–it was a Fuji, due largely to the wonderful lenses–but Sony is a contender in my mind now. I’ve given up on Nikon seeing the light (on many fronts), but I have hope for Fuji, which has shown that it listens to its customers. Fuji is due (overdue?) to replace its flagship XPro-1, and the de facto king-of-the-hill XT-1 is nearly a year old now, so I’m hoping we’ll see something great from them.

Scott Hill, elsewhere on the web: