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Night Riding, Redux


This is a repost of my shot of Night Riding from a couple years back, this time processed through DeNoise. Again, click multiple times to get to the original 100% version.

The original image was taken in almost total darkness, except for the helmet lights of the riders. It was taken at ISO 25,600 on a Sony A7RIII with a Sony FE 1.4/16-35 GM at ƒ/2.8.

I think DeNoise did a fantastic job overall. If I had any nit to pick, it would be where the light flare crosses the tree in the background, where the flare takes on a very different character. I could probably blend in a couple of frames with different noise reduction techniques, but this is straight from DeNoise.

Topaz Denoise AI

I’ve only been playing with it a short time, but so far, I’m impressed with Topaz DeNoise AI. I applied it below to the picture I posted earlier this week. The picture, taken from an iPhone XS, had noise that wasn’t objectionable, but DeNoise did quite a good job, I think.

(Click the image multiple times to get to the full, original size.)