Nikon 1 Discontinued


Nikon has discontinued the Nikon 1 line, according to Nikon Rumors. It’s too bad that Nikon didn’t keep iterating and innovating in this line. I bought the Nikon 1 V1 early on, and really enjoyed shooting with it. I used it for some time, and shot a few favorite images with it. I wrote about it quite a bit here.


Anyway, I had a good time with it. The rumor mill suggests that this is clearing the way for a new line of Nikon mirrorless. I hope that whatever Nikon follows it up with is both more successful and follows up on some of the early energy and promise that the 1-series had.

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Good, Inexpensive Wireless Charger for iPhone

I came across a wireless charger that works well with my iPhone X. I only paid $18 on Amazon, and while it’s not particularly fast, it’s really hard to beat for the price. It’s nice to have something that holds my iPhone at a good viewing angle on my desk, and it’s really simple to just toss it on there every time I get sit down, and the phone is always topping up. It works well enough that I bought a second one for the wife’s iPhone 8.


Only two caveats: First, the iPhone X doesn’t quite sit flush on it; it’s just a millimeter or so high enough that the camera bump on the back hits it (see below pic). I haven’t ever found this to be any problem in practice. Second, it comes with a short micro-USB charging cable, but no power adapter. You can use any USB port or adapter with it, and I have a ton of them around, so this was no issue for me, but you might want to pick up a cheap one if you don’t have any around.


It’s a no brainer, as far as I’m concerned.

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